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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket 60ml

5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket  60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket 60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket  60ml

As soon as you have that special first inhale of this charming blend it is going to be game over. All of the other juices in your collection can go home because there is no topping this amazing flavor that takes a classic staple that everyone should have and adds in a distinct, luxurious twist that will have you smitten with it in absolutely no time. Not even the most critical and picky of vapers can resist this blends charms that seem to instantly seduce your senses and have you completely enraptured in the flavor that you're taking in. Savoring every last second of scrumptiousness that there is to offer will really assist in making it seem like all of your worries just up and float off into the sky in the form of big, fluffy clouds that rise up and dissipate into the sky. So whenever you can grab a hold of it, you will have the opportunity to finally find that incredible sense of relaxation that you need to truly find yourself feeling revived and ready to take on life. Nothing seems to be able to compete with a blend like this that can fit so many different moods and continue to be just as fresh and exciting to reach for even if you're reaching the bottom of your second or third bottle of this heavenly liquid. 5150 Premium Vape Fluid makes a wide selection of unique premium quality blends that are taking over the vaping industry one delectable selection at a time. They use only the most impressive of ingredients and have an immense amount of talent that shines through every time you settle into a vape session. Str8jacket takes an oak barrel-aged salted caramel and butterscotch concoction and adds in a bit of fresh cream to lighten up this decadent mixture a bit. 

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Butterscotch, Cream

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