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Datasheet:Brand: Coil MasterColor: MulticolorProduct Type: Skin& StickerMaterial: PVCPackage: 2x Battery Sleeve WrapWeight: 0.4g (0.01oz)Depth: 30mm (1.18 inch)Height: 70mm (2.76 inches)Width: 0.1mm (0 inch)If you Select 1x Pair that is ( 2x Warps), If you want a full pack as in the pictures you can..
23.00 AED
Features:Color: Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, WhiteShrinking temperature: 80°Shrinkage ratio: 48% Length: 74mmFlat width: 29.5mm (before shrinkage)Round diameter: approx. 18.5mmWall thickness: 0.1mm (before shrinkage)Package Box Size: 20.5x10.8cm/8.07x4.25inchQuantity: 280 Pcs/1 Se..
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - 12 Monkey's 60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - 12 Monkey's 60mlWe completely understand if you want to take this juice around with you everywhere but one thing we will warn you about is if you decide to bring this blend along with you to the zoo, you might want to make sure that you keep it extra secure when you're clos..
65.00 AED
5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Anti-Venom 60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Anti-Venom 60ml  Get a heart-stopping refreshment like no other when you take an inhale of this juice that will make you feel invigorated, energized, and ready to head out on a great adventure. You just can't help but appreciate a blend that is somehow able to do ..
65.00 AED
5150 Premium Vape Fluid - RY4.0  60mlTake a running jump into your time machine and transport yourself ahead in time to when you can enjoy the flavors that you crave the most in the snap of your fingers. Believe it or not, thanks to vaping that dream that once seemed like was only a possibility..
65.00 AED
5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Skull Candy 60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Skull Candy 60ml Some of us foodies entire lives revolve around when and where we can get our hands on those delectable snacks that make our mouths water. If you're someone whose taste buds usually swing towards the sweeter side of things you are going to completely un..
65.00 AED
5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket  60ml
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5150 Premium Vape Fluid - Str8jacket  60mlAs soon as you have that special first inhale of this charming blend it is going to be game over. All of the other juices in your collection can go home because there is no topping this amazing flavor that takes a classic staple that everyone should hav..
65.00 AED
The 528 Customs GOON 25mm RDA is the updated rendition of the pioneer rebuildable dripper, implementing a spacious two-post build deck with a clamp-style connection system, and a triple slotted dual airflow system. The GOON 25mm integrates a user-friendly two-post build deck properly top-secured via..
190.00 AED
Acapulco by Gold Leaf Eliquids 100mlAcapulco by Gold Leaf Eliquids 100ml is a blend of potent tobacco leaves with creamy vanilla custard, delivering a unique experience for any tobacco fan. Acapulco vape juice brilliantly blends these two delicious flavors together, resulting in a tas..
85.00 AED
Acapulco SALT by Gold Leaf SALT E-Liquid 30mlAcapulco SALT – Gold Leaf SALT E-Liquid 30ml is a delectable blend of two luxurious flavors. Mouth-watering tobacco provides the palate with rich, smoky and nutty notes before a stream of smooth, silky vanilla custard drips down the tongue. This is one un..
60.00 AED
Acrohm Fush Semi-Mech LED Tube ModProduct Information: Acrohm Fush Semi-Mech LED Tube Mod brings you colorful visual experience and stylish vaping life. You can illuminate the breathing light while vaping. The Fush adopts innovative technology to feel the vibration to change the color of light. When..
380.00 AED
DESCRIPTION:The Advken Manta Sub-Ohm Tank displays a visually striking chassis design, implementing an expansive 4.5mL eJuice capacity for a stout structure and utilizing a Mesh Coil System with a wide range of compatibility. The Advken Manta Tank is the sub-ohm reiteration of the Manta RTA, utilizi..
135.00 AED
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