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Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)

Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)
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Kangertech Aero Tank Turbo (A)

Product Description:

Kanger Aerotank Turbo - 2x2 (two separate Dual Coils) - Airflow Control - Clear Glass

Kanger Aerotank Turbo Quad Coil Clearomizer is the largest tank to date from Kanger and a beast! The Aerotank Turbo features new innovations and design and takes not one but TWO DUAL COILS! for a total of four "coils" (two dual coils) in one tank! The interchangeable pyrex glass and stainless steel tube hold 6ml of liquid. The airflow control has been redesigned and improved to version 2. The Dual Coil Clearomizer also has been upgraded to a new dual coil design.

Please Note: Kanger has implemented several security features to prevent counterfeiting


  • Improved design
  • New Airflow Control Valve
  • Upgraded Dual Coil: available in 1.5Ω / 2.0Ω Currently Kanger supplies two 2.0ohm dual coils
  • This is subject to change as Kanger is known to change the ohms of the coil packed in the boxes.
  • Interchangeable tube: Stainless Steel or Pyrex Glass (Pyrex is preinstalled)
  • Capacity: 6ml (reported)
  • 510 Threaded (May need a 510 to ego adapter for Mods)
  • Food grade Stainless steel body
  • Replaceable Atomizer Heads
  • Bottom Coil
  • Glue Free

Important Note:

The AeroTurbo uses two dual coil heads (atomizers), and each head must be paired with another of equal resistance (ohms) to be effective. As well, using two heads in a device with one power source will halve the resistance that your battery will see. Therefore, when using two 1.8 ohm heads, your AeroTurbo will work at 0.9 ohms. Using two 1.5 ohm heads will result in the AeroTurbo working at 0.75 ohms. Using any lower resistance heads is not recommended.

As Kanger no longer sells 2.0-ohm heads, the AeroTurbo is considered a sub-ohm tank. The AeroTurbo will not work with any battery that can not work safely with atomizers under a single ohm of resistance. If you are unsure if your battery will work with the AeroTurbo, please consult your place of purchase, or use the Contact link at the top of the site to submit a ticket, and we will help the best we can.

Dimensions: 30mm x 81.5mm (tyhis is a VERY large diameter tank)

This tank is wide and huge! It is ideally suited for 26650 mods because of its extra-large circumference.

This will look huge and overhang on ego batteries and most 18650 mods.

Removal of the base to get to the coils is tricky:

See the included manual. This is not a typical tank, it does not simply unscrew off, forcing it can and will damage the Aerotank, we will NOT replace damaged AeroTank Turbos.

Important: Because this is a dual (two) dual coil setup and it's a metal tank, the tip and sides will be warmer than a standard single-coil item, please keep this in mind. There is more heat coming off a dual coil and that will translate into a much warmer tank if you chain vapor vape often without it cooling down.


The Aerotank Turbo uses either the newer design dual coils or the older Protank III/Aerotank Dual coils and cannot take any other coils. Please make sure you purchase the right coils and no other coil replacement. You will always need to replace BOTH coils inside the Turbo, you can not make it work with one as it will leak, always have TWO dual coils in the unit.

Replacement coils are Here

Make sure to choose the right coil these come with the "enclosed" coils


The Aerotank Turbo is a huge beast of a tank it is 510 threaded and will work on all 510 threaded devices and most Mods without the need for an adapter. However, due to the size of the base and the design of some mods, you might need an adapter (rare), this is not guaranteed to work with all mods as we cannot test it with every mod out there, an adapter is a good item to have.

Package contents:

1 x Kanger Aerotank Turbo (Stainless&Pyrex tank, top cap, bottom cap and Airflow control 510 bases)

1 x 510 drip tip

4 x dual coil 2.0-ohm atomizer heads - Two are installed in the device (subject to change coil ohms are not guaranteed)

Kanger is now putting a Security code on the boxes, a cellophane strip, and a water reaction color-changing logo to verify you are getting a Genuine Kanger Product!


Only the drip tip and removable coil are compatible with any other Kanger product. The new coils are compatible with: Protank 3, Protank 3 Mini, TD3, Evod 2, Evod Glass and Aerotank.

Gurgle or Liquid leaking:

When I first tried the aerotanks they were awesome, then I refilled and got some gurgling, boy was I po'ed and bummed, but I found that I had inadvertently gotten some liquid in the center post and it leaked into the base. If you get a gurgle or leaking through the airhole... stop!, Open the tank, take out the coil and rinse out the base, you more than likely have liquid in the center post and it ran into the base causing an air/liquid mix. Remove the base, rinse it, shake it and let it dry or blow out the remaining water, put it back together and it's as good as new.

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